Null’s Rush – the world’s first private server for the game Rush Wars

Null’s Rush - the world's first private server for the game Rush Wars

I hasten to please you with the brand new Null’s Rush server for the Rush Wars game of the same name, which was closed.

The guys from the Null’s Team never cease to amaze us. Many have been waiting for the update for the Null’s Brawl server for a long time, but they decided to release a version of the Null’s Rush server. This game was recently released by Supercell and after a while it was closed.

The developers referred to the unprofitability of the game and that they do not see the future in it. But other developers who rolled out a private server thought absolutely differently.

Null’s rush

Failed to play Rush Wars or didn’t have time to upgrade your account and closed the game? No problem! On the Null’s Rush server, you can plunge into the world of battles with cool characters without limits.

I have already checked and for the sake of interest I checked whether there are quick commands on the server, although the developers did not mention this at all. To my surprise, the server gave me a standard set of commands to quickly upgrade my account.


/ clean – return to the default account.
/ full – upgrade cards to the maximum level.
/ status – show server status (number of online players).
/ unlock – unlock all maps and commanders.

Unfortunately, from all presented only one command / status is working. But I assure you that over time all the teams will earn, but so far you can only upgrade and get characters manually.

I was not too lazy and decided to pump each unit manually and try to play with them. With an unlimited number of crystals, this can be done very quickly. But I will recommend you not to spend gems, but to buy gold for them, so it turns out to be pumped much faster.

Almost everything has been implemented, the clan is working, battles for which you first need to build a base. Which, of course, I did, but I haven’t pumped the buildings yet. As soon as I finish the posts, I’ll definitely upgrade every unit and building on the Null’s Rush server.

Databases on the Nulls Rush server

This is where the whole strategy of the game lies, where you need to win as many stars as possible. On the server, doing this will be much more interesting, since the level of units is maximum. It makes sense to show all your gaming experience in Supercell games and compete on the Null’s Rush server.

What is on the Null’s Rush server:

Clans (the main code was copied from Null’s Royale).
Implemented online battles.
Chests give increased rewards.
Accelerated teams.
The server client is based on version 0.284.
Removed various checks at startup (to eliminate unnecessary problems).

What will be implemented?

Improved editing of base maps.
The ability to pump and gain experience profile.
Stars: the way to get them in battles will be implemented and thereby create a rating of players.
Over time, various improvements will appear.
The implementation will take from 1-2 weeks.

What do you need to play on the Null’s Rush server?

  • Android 4.4
  • Active internet connection
  • Over 150mb of free space on the device

Download Null’s Rush

Null’s rush

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