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Null’s Royale

One of the most secretive servers, Clash Royale, has released a free version for everyone. Null’s Royale – is one of the most stable servers from OpegitStudio developers.

Null’s Royale became free

Null’s Royale became free

To be honest, the server from OpegitStudio has been around for quite some time, but only it was paid. The women from this group managed to make the pass protection in the form of a code that had to be bought.

Naturally, I did it and even wanted to recommend you, but I received the key for about a week and decided to postpone this venture. All because I can not guarantee that you are sending money, get the same code for the server.

Now the guys have corrected and released a free version of their server, but with a few minuses. Naturally all the main buns will be on the paid version, but the free one is also not bad. In the light version they removed the teams and their individual cards, maybe something else, until they noticed.

Fights 2 by 2

Fights 2 by 2

Null’s Royale is probably the only server on which you can take part in 2×2 battles. This was Gl – Clash Royale, but this feature has so far been removed and it is not clear whether it will add at all.

At the moment I am doing a lot of work on the list of all private servers and will soon be prepared a small table. It will be possible to see all the benefits of each server.

What is most interesting, I wanted to draw an analogy of a paid and free server, and on a paid one I couldn’t even start any battle. Therefore, at the moment the free will be more relevant than the paid one, let’s see how things will go further.


This is the deck I assembled on Null’s Royale server, as you can see, there are all new maps. Yes, yes, there is Megarykar, volunteers and much more, which is not yet in the original version of the game.

With gems there are no problems at all, in fact, it should not be. All because the server data is created, just to get the most out of the game. At the moment, you can brag to your friends that you already have new cards, but they do not.



What’s up with the chests? They work and there is also a new animation of the legendary map. This is how the main screen looks, here are a bunch of chests, new buttons and the ability to knock out the royal chest. Yes, by the way, the free chest is endless, it can be opened an infinite number of times.

You may also notice that there are tests on the server and even work. I have never seen such a thing anywhere, they really work and they are even invented by developers. That is, not those that are in the official version of the game, but their own and it is very interesting.

I tried to play 2 by 2 mode, and everything is very good. I did not notice a single glitch, subsidence, the game went very smoothly and without brakes. I was surprised that our Russian programmers were able to do something really good, unlike abroad.

As you already understood, the server is really good and the guys from Opegit have proven themselves very well. They show new buns that are found in the bowels of the game and maybe we can try all of this on their server.

What is on the server Null’s Royale

  1. 1,000,000 gems (much more can be done for free)
  2. Infinite amount of gold
  3. Free chests
  4. Battle mode 2 by 2
  5. Various tests
  6. Added new maps

Commands on Null’s Royale v.2.7:

Commands allow you to quickly upgrade your account. You can also reset all data to standard.

  • / help – request available commands on the server
  • / clean – reset the account to its original form
  • / premium [code] – this command activates the premium, the code can only be bought
  • / skin [name] – select building skin
    1. gold – skin from gold rush mode
    2. gem – skin of the towers from the gold rush mode
    3. pump – skin from elixir x3 mode
    4. xmas – New Year’s skin of the towers
  • / full – pump all cards to the maximum level
  • / unlock – unlock all cards<
  • /ul>

    List of changes in Null’s Royale v.2.7:

    • Added a new map – Earthquake
    • Updated the interface
    • Added a new button where the battle data, settings, etc. are hidden
    • The new reward system is now available in every arena
    • Added new emoji
    • Also, the server now supports 5 decks (there used to be only 3)
    • Various improvements

    Please remember that this server is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it.

    Download Null’s Royale – Clash Royale Private Server 2.7

    Download Null’s Royale

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