Null’s Clash 11.651.10 – Clash of Clans Private Server

Null’s Clash 11.651.10 - Clash of Clans Private Server

The first private Clash of Clans server with support for a new unit, the 6th OTTO builder and much more in Null’s Clash v.11.651.10.

Developers from the Null’s Team team managed to quickly adapt their server to the new version of the game client. They implemented almost all the functionality that is in the original version of the game. One of the most important innovations is the new 9th level of the home builder. As well as the new OTTO builder, which is not easy and fast to open in a regular game. Therefore, everyone already wants to perform this progress and open the 2nd builder in the builder’s village and the 6th in the ordinary one.

Builder’s Village – Home Builder 9

Going to the server, you will be engaged in the improvement of all the buildings, as in the list of commands you will not see how you can improve the whole village at once. With the exception of the command “/ full”, which improves the built buildings to the maximum level. All because, on the field you will not see the clock tower, in this usual way you will not improve the DS 8 to DS 9.

But there is one trick, the accelerated command “/ th”, at the moment it is not in the list of commands when they are requested. Most likely later add or appear over time. In order to use it, we write in the chat “/ th 9”, without brackets, and your village will be pumped up to builder level 9. It is important to enter into the chat when you are in the second village.

Main village with new levels of facilities

The ordinary village was also equipped with all the new buildings, levels of troops and heroes. To improve the characters, use the command “/ sethero”. At the moment, attacks in the legendary league are not working correctly, according to the developers, they are working on it.

Also errors can occur during the training of troops. But in any case, the server is fully operational and perfectly performs the basic functionality.

A kind of mod for the barbarian and archer has also been added to the server. For them, you can use the skin of the king of barbarians and the queen of the archers. It turns out quite interesting, the skin is visible only in battle.

2Also, there is support for changing skins for heroes, but at the moment there is not a single skin other than the standard one. But most likely in the near future, the developers will add all the existing external appearance for the king of barbarians and the queen of the archers. We also expect in the near future in the original game skin for the keeper. Maybe he will also appear immediately on the server Null’s Clash.

List of changes in Null’s Clash v.11.651.10:

  1. Updated the server application version to 11.651.10
  2. Added new levels for facilities in the ordinary village
  3. Added new levels for all heroes and units
  4. Added DS 9 and all new facilities
  5. Added a new unit to the village builder – Rider on a hang glider
  6. Added new levels for all troops in the village builder
  7. Implemented attacks in the legendary league and training battles
  8. Added new OTTO builder
  9. Improved server performance

Commands on Null’s Clash server

To activate the commands, you just need to enter them in the chat (clan and multiplayer will do).

  1. / full – this command will pump your buildings to the maximum level, but without the accumulation of experience
  2. / clean – this command clears the database and resets the profile level
  3. / asp – this command allows you to attack yourself in the usual database, enter it and click on the “Into the battle” button
  4. / m – allows you to send a private message to any player
  5. / vk – find out which page is associated with the account
  6. / hero – this command changes the level of the hero. We write the command, then we specify the space character of the hero and give him the desired level
    • King – The King of the Barbarians
    • Queen – Queen archers
    • Warden – Guardian
    • Builder – Fighting Machine
  7. / make – this command changes a specific base for any TX and DS
    • For an ordinary village: TH1, TH2, TH3, etc.
    • For a builder village: BH3, BH4, BH5, etc.
    • Install base and goblin cards: npc1, npc2, npc3, …, npc50
  8. / savebase – the ability to save your base for this team (only available to premium players)

Requirements for running Null’s Clash server

  • 130 MB of free space on the device
  • Active internet connection

Download Null’s Clash 11.651.10

Download Null’s Clash

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