Null’s Brawl – Brawl Stars Latest Update 2019 – New Brawler Sandy, Premium Skins!

Null’s Brawl - Brawl Stars Latest Update 2019 – New Brawler Sandy, Premium Skins!

Brawl Stars is one of the most popular online action games at present. The thing is that if you want to hack it or play with cheats you’re going to have trouble because, just like in other online titles of the likes of Clash of Clans, you won’t be able to without risking a ban.

A private Brawl Stars server

However, Null’s Brawl is a private server that allows us to play with all the game’s improvements, including new brawlers that would usually cost us loads of money to unlock them or their additional equipment. And you can play against bots or join a club or clan, even allowing you to create your own one with your friends. There are also game rooms where you can find other users of this Brawl Stars MOD.

Therefore, if you want to play Brawl Stars with all its new features and enhancements on a private server, don’t hesitate to download this APK: unlimited gems, endless keys, boxes ready to be opened, unlocked brawlers… all in all, just as if it were an app to hack Brawl Stars.

New Skins!

  • Pirate Gene
  • Sleepy Sandy
  • Red Wizard Barley

Visual Improvements

  • El Primo & El Primo skins
  • Summer Jessie effects
  • Beach Brock effects
  • Rico animations
  • New portraits for Piper, Bo, and El Primo

Map Rotation Changes

  • New event slot added at 1600 trophies – Will be automatically open for players who have already passed 1600 Trophies
  • Both new game modes come out with 7 unique maps for each mode
  • Two new game modes added into the new slot, Lone Star and Takedown!

New Game Mode! Lone Star – A fresh take on free for all Bounty

  • 10 players solo game mode
  • Normal Bounty rules and winner is the player with most stars at the end
  • Players respawn on the edge of the map after being defeated
  • Player’s current position information is hinted in the top right corner
  • One star can be collected from the middle of the map

The developers from the Null’s team have updated the private server to the latest current version of the official client 21.73. Download and see what’s new in Null’s Brawl?

Despite the new Sandy character, the private server received an important innovation. Namely, from now on, Null’s Brawl supports devices based on x86 processor architecture. This means that playing with all the fighters without any restrictions is now possible on mobile devices running the Intel processor, as well as emulators for personal computers.

This innovation limited some players because their game simply did not start. Therefore, this update can be considered a breakthrough among the developments of the Opegit Studio team.

Null’s Brawl 21.73

This update will appeal to all players in Brawl Stars who have not yet reached 6,000 trophies. Since it is by reaching this milestone that you can get a new Sandy fighter. But fortunately for you, you will not need to fill the cups for a long time and hard, as now you can try this fighter on a private server.

If you still do not know, then the new character, this is a walking slot machine, he shoots rays from a blaster. But this is not the most important thing, its super-ability can increase the damage of teammates.

And now you are rushing to download this server, but wait, I haven’t told you everything yet. After all, this is not all the advantages, since you could already get this fighter for a long time and it is even possible to pump it to the maximum level.

But you obviously have not had time to get stellar power, at least 2 pcs. But on the server you can try both of its additional features. And the second one is pretty cool, because it can rise after its first elimination, a very cheating piece.

Having received a new fighter and all the star powers, you will want something more, namely new skins and new game modes. All this is also added to the server, try any game mode without waiting for it in the original version of the game.

Please note that on the server 6 game modes became immediately available and each accommodates more than 5000 players. That is, the server developers managed to optimize their machine servers as much as possible and open up the opportunity to fit as many players as possible.

New skins for fighters on Nulls Brawl

In addition to the new game modes, you will also find many appearances for many fighters. For example, one of the most interesting at the moment is the skin for Leon – Leon-shark. And they are already available for everyone, you only need to choose a skin to your taste for a specific fighter.

Star powers for all fighters on Nulls brawl

Well, do not forget that all stellar forces for all fighters will be automatically unlocked after using the / full command. But if you do not want to follow a simple path, you just need to open the boxes, which are available in unlimited quantities.

List of changes in Null’s Brawl 21.73:

  • Added support for x86 processor devices
  • Added support for Android emulators
  • Added a new fighter – Sandy and all star powers + skin
  • Added all new skins for many fighters
  • Added new game modes
  • New maps added
  • Added the ability to invite friends to the team (all errors are eliminated)
  • The database was cleaned from inactive players and clubs
  • Numerous improvements

Download Nulls Brawl 21.73

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