Nulls Brawl 21.73 with sandy new gamemodes is available download it now

Download Nulls Brawl 21.73

The Null’s Brawl private server has been updated to version 21.73, where a lot of innovations have been added. Online battles temporarily do not work.

I did not have time to please everyone about the support for the architecture of x86 processors, as it was immediately canceled. Now Null’s Brawl, starting with version 21.73 will not support these devices.

According to the developers, they are physically unable to implement this functionality. Fortunately, there are not so many such devices, and playing Brawl Stars on the Android emulator is not convenient.

In any case, we received a fleeting update, and it will not please everyone. The Null’s team conducted a survey on whether it is worth releasing an update without online battles. And unfortunately, the majority voted for the update with Sandy and without online fights.

Please note that this is not a final update, and soon the server client will be updated again. After that, online battles will work at the same level and will be available to everyone. In the meantime, we should enjoy playing with the bots and Sandy. The new fighter is available immediately with all stellar powers and an additional skin. You can try all this now without any restrictions.

The new character is rather strange, but everyone wakes up to play with them. What can not be said about the fighter himself, Sandy is a fighter with chronic lack of sleep, able to control the elements of the earth.

In addition to the new character, support was also added for the updated appearance of El Primo.

The updated look of El Primo

And the changes do not end there, since one of the most interesting and important innovations can be considered new cards and game modes. Everything that was added to the original game also appeared on the Null’s Brawl server 21.73. New skins have also been added for many characters, including Sandy.

New skins for fighters

The update turned out to be twofold, as if many voted for the unfinished update. In any case, this is progress that cannot be counted in favor of the developers of this server. Although they are not the first in this update, as another server received the update, and I will talk about it a little later.

The list of changes in Null’s Brawl 21.73:

  • The new fighter is Sandy
  • New skins for fighters
  • New game modes
  • New cards
  • Change the balance, as in the original game
  • Removed support for devices on the architecture of x86 processors

When will online battles appear again?

The adaptation of online battles for version 21.73 is in full swing. The creators already have some achievements, it remains only to wait for the official release. Estimated update time for the next 2 weeks.

Download Nulls Brawl 21.73

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