Null’s Brawl 18.104 with Bibi


This is Brawl Stars 2019’s new private server – Null’s Brawl 18.104. The server is currently free.

SERVER is now FREE. No unlock codes are needed. Download and play

Here comes the world’s first free private server brawl stars on android. You can download the link below.

On the server there is a preservation of your profile, changing the nickname, chests, skins, training battles, teams (more details – below) and so on. Now we are actively working on online battles.

The server is updated to the latest version 18.104 with the fighter Bibi. Accordingly, the server has all 24 browlers that are available in the official version (including Jean and Karl), the new “Siege” mode and the new interface.

At the beginning of the game you are given 777 tickets, 20,000 gold and 1,000,000 gems.


On the server there are training battles with bots, in which you can choose any map (location), game mode and fighter. To enter them, simply create a friendly battle with some bots.

Online battles are not yet available, but we are actively working on them!

Boxes (Boxes)

In the main menu you have 10 large and 100 regular boxes, which are filled up after a restart. Also in the store you can buy an unlimited number of large boxes and megayaschikov.

Gold, gems, improvement points and new brave fighters fall out of the boxes!

Clans (Clubs)

As well as on our other servers, there are fully implemented clans with a full-fledged chat, a system of promotions. There are top and search.

Download Null’s Brawl 18.104 with Bibi

Null’s Brawl 18.104 with Bibi

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