Lwarb beta Classic 16.167

Lwarb beta Classic 16.167

This is the classic stable private server Lwarb beta version 16.167

This time we really advanced and introduced a lot of changes. At the moment we managed to add new fighters in the form of bosses. We decided not to stop at this and began to look for what kind of characters you can add.

To review all the files of the game, we came to the decision to add robots. Fortunately, there are a lot of them in the game, which means you can add a few new fighters.

When is the update Lwarb 18.104?

We have already started studying the files of the new client and will soon try to release the update. But for now we need to adapt a large amount of software code. As soon as we adapt our server to a new client, you will learn about it. In any case, we will try to do it as quickly as possible.

How to properly upgrade?

On our site we collect all the basic information about our server. We have already told you how to properly upgrade, you do not need to delete the old version. To save your gameplay, follow these instructions. This guide is designed for Android devices and for a reason. Since in the future we plan to release a version for iOS devices. For this, follow the news on our website.

Lwarb classic

Server version 16.167, this is an older version than Lwarb 18.104, but stable and working without problems.

Download private server LWARB classic 16.167

LWARB classic 16.167

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