Lwarb beta apk 18.104-12 with BIBI updated

Lwarb beta apk 18.104-12 with BIBI updated

And here is the next fighter in the Brawl Stars game, her name is Bibi. Here are a few details that we know about Bibi.

Bibi is a mighty dangerous girl, dressed in a leather jacket with a stunning baseball bat to hit approaching her.

She is a militant at close range, like El Primo and Rosa. She has an attack at a greater angle than theirs. She launches four hits with one blow.

When all its three attacks are loaded into its top bar, another special bar is loaded, if it swings, when this bar is full, the enemy will be knocked down and pushed away, which will be very useful in the case of Gem Grab, Heist maps.

She has decent health.

Benefits of the server Lwarb beta with bibi

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited gems
  • Special skins unlocked
  • Each event is unlocked, starting with Gem Grab and ending with Robo Rumble, play whatever you want
  • Around real players, play with them, create a new clan, join an existing clan. Have some fun
  • Open an unlimited number of boxes, ranging from Fight Boxes to Megabox, Open All
  • With jewels you can buy Mega Box an unlimited number of times
  • In addition, you can use special attacks an unlimited number of times
  • Jin is unlocked, play with him and enjoy

What is a private server?

A private server is nothing but a completely different server that hosts the same Brawl Stars game, but its root files have been changed to get unlimited resources, fights, trophies, and more!

Download Lwarb beta with bibi brawl stars 18.104

Lwarb beta with bibi

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