LWARB 19.102 with a Brawler Tick [MOD]

LWARB 19.102 with a Brawler Tick [MOD]

The developers published a video of Brawl Talk, where they showed all the goodies of the next update in Brawl Stars. All this is already in the new LWARB 19.102.

The game will be a new Brawler, who was named – Tick, in the original name Tick. This is a kind of robot that scatters grenades. Also, all summer is declared robo-seizure, since skins are robo, robo fighter, etc. There will be new skins and will change the possibility of their acquisition, but first things first.

New fighter Tick


A small robot, which is dressed in an iron cover. This character will appear in the game and will be available to everyone. At least you will need to accumulate 4000 trophies and you will get it.

As we wrote above, this character is literally scattered by mines. These mines explode after a short time. But if the enemy attacks them, then it is undermined by these bombs.

As the developers said, the super fighter Tika, it’s just something. In fact, it is, Tick takes off his head and throws it on the battlefield. Naturally, it does not just stay on the field, but begins to roll in the direction of the enemy. The most interesting thing is that you can shoot this head from the enemy and she will not get you.

New skins for fighters


We will see several skins for several fighters at once. Each of them is a variation of the work that gives them an unusual look. Names: Robomayk, Robospayk, Crow-fur, Bo-fur. You can buy them, starts from 150 crystals (not cheap).

New star glasses

Next to the number of tickets, coins and crystals, a new tablet will appear. It will display the star points you will receive for dropping cups. Previously, you did not receive anything for dropping over 500 cups on each fighter. Now they will add up and accumulate, and you can already exchange them for individual coloring of the skins.

New kind of shop

A new type of store will appear in the game, namely, it will receive horizontal scrolling. At the moment, only showed how to buy coins and crystals. But the most important thing in the store will be selling skins for fighters and in the fighter section, skins you will no longer see. All because now to get or buy the skin will be much more difficult. Namely, only in the store, for this hurry to buy the cover that you have long wanted.

New star power

After the upgrade, new stellar forces will appear for all fighters. They will appear every week and 3 pieces. In Brawl Talk, this news was announced with particular enthusiasm. By this we will really see something interesting. The animation of the new stellar forces, of course, did not show us. But in the passages of some plots, the following differences were noticeable.

Shelley’s new ability

Please note that Shelly has an extra indicator. We have already seen a similar scale with Bibi, and with him it means a charge of repulsion. Most likely this will be the new star power for Shelley.

Brock and his new charge

But this is really interesting, at the Brock, we noticed an additional cell to charge his projectile. In total, he will fit 4 charges and most likely it is his new stellar power. Very interesting idea, pumping a fighter to the maximum, you can get an extra shot. It seems to us that this can be added for other fighters, for example, for Piper.

Tara will receive a redesign

Tara has not changed since the days of the old game, when it was still vertical. That’s why it’s time to update it and give it a more colorful look. This was announced by Ryan, who led Bravl Talk, but he did it on Twitter. Where he gave us hope, that in the near future they will be engaged in a redesign for a fighter – Tara.

All this you will find on the new private server Lwarb 19.102

Download Lwarb beta with a Brawler Tick 19.102

Lwarb beta with Tick – 19.102

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