How to update LWARB server on Android?

How to update LWARB server on Android?

If, when starting a private LWARB server, you saw a window with the words “Update available!”, Do not panic and update correctly.

As we have said, our server is currently in beta. Therefore, we sometimes update our client and in order to upgrade, it is not necessary to delete the old version. If you want to save your progress, we will explain how to upgrade LWARB to the new version.

Update LWARB on Android device

After successful server update by our VPS server. We stop the previous application and notify you about the new version. To do this, you can safely go to our website LWARB.SITE and download the new version. Since we first upload the latest version to the site and only then activate it.

What should I do if the message “Update is available!” Appears?

We highly recommend not to delete the previous version, since you can not save your progress. According to this, if you want to save your account and get a new version, follow the further instructions.

LWARB update

We remind you that this instruction is intended for Android devices.

  1. Download the latest version from our site
  2. Next, we find the downloaded installer through the explorer in the download folder and open it
  3. After a successful update, depending on the version of Android, you will be notified about the security of the application. After that, you can start the server and make sure that the update is successful.
  4. After you have opened the updated server, you will see that your gameplay is saved. If your account is out of place, we recommend that you contact us via comments or using the feedback form on the site.


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