Download Nulls Brawl with Surge updated to a new version: 28.171

Null’s Brawl has been updated to a new version: 28.171. Play with SURGE brawler and new skins!

What’s new
New brawler Surge
New game mode: Super City Rampage
New skins: silver, golden, Mecha Paladin Surge, Ultra Driller Jacky, Retro Nani and more!

The monsters come to Brawl Stars , but also the giant mecha that come to defend us. Gone is the time of Gundam or Mazinger Z, because in Supercell this ‘giant robot’ is called Surge, and it comes with unique powers never seen before in the title.

His main attack already looks very interesting, launching a long-range projectile, but not sniper style like Brock or Pam, if not rather, as they explain in the Brawl Talk , a mix between Genius and Spike , because when hitting the Enemy or at the end of its route, it is divided into two other projectiles that are launched at a 90º angle with respect to the original.

But what makes Surge unique is his Super. Bull-style, the new brawler will strike all his enemies with devastating force, with a huge difference. Every time Surge uses the Super, his power grows and grows to a total of three stacks (which he will lose when he dies).

With each of them, the strength of their attacks increases, changes and evolves, as if it were the Evangelion in Berserk mode (although it will not devour its enemies, this is still Brawl Stars ).

This mecha thus becomes the second chromatic brawler in the history of Brawl Stars , after Gale . Which of course will have a first skin waiting on the Brawl Pass in the form of the Mecha Paladin Surge. Being able to get both news from July 6, the day that the new season will start.

Download Nulls Brawl with Surge

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