Download Nulls Brawl with Jackie + Sprout, new skins and gadgets

Download Nulls Brawl with Jackie + Sprout, new skins and gadgets

The developers finally released the latest Nulls Brawl with new fighters Jackie and Sprout, plus new skins and gadgets added. This is the latest private server with all the fighters and skins. A test version of a private server was released yesterday, but today a new working version has been released.

To unlock all the fighters go to the store and click shop->unlock all brawlers

New Brawler – Jacky!

She works her jackhammer to shake up the ground and nearby enemies. Her Super pulls in nearby foes, leaving them in the dust!

Main Attack – Groundbreaker: Jacky hops on her Jackhammer to shake the ground all around. Enemies caught too close will get a pounding!
Super Ability – Holey Moley! Jacky drills a hole in the ground, pulling in foes. She is partially shielded during her Super.
Gadget – Speed boost: Jacky gets a burst of energy and moves faster!
Star Power 1: Reflects damage received back to enemies who are close to Jacky
Star Power 2: Passively reduces all incoming damage

New Brawler – Sprout!

New Skins!

Darryl Rework
Mascot Darryl – 80 Gems
PSG Shelly – 80 Gems
Dark Bunny Penny – 10 000 Star Points
College EMZ – 500 Star Points
April Skins!

Coach Dynamike – 150 Gems
Tanuki Jessie – 150 Gems
Horus Bo – 150 Gems
PSG Cup! March 19th: Play this new challenge for rewards, glory, AND if you manage to get 9 wins, you’ll unlock PSG Shelly before anyone else!

This challenge will be available at 800+ total trophies and include Super Stadium, Pinball Dreams, and Galaxy Arena Brawl Ball maps.
Gadgets! Each Brawler now has a unique gadget that unlocks an activated ability for the Brawler

Gadgets are found in Brawl Boxes and in the shop at Power Level 7 for each Brawler
Damage dealing gadgets do not charge Super (similar to Star Powers)
Power Play will not require gadgets to play
Friendly rooms have a setting to disable gadget use in the match
Check all the Gadgets at the end of this Patch Notes!
The Underdog System! This matchmaking improvement helps games with uneven Trophy amounts between teams.

Only in 3v3 modes and does not affect Solo/Duo showdown
Provides a bonus to gained trophies or a reduction to lost trophies when triggered
Status is shown when entering the match and also after the match
Underdog status is triggered when either of the two following conditions are met:
Player is matched with two other players who are playing together in a team and have a 200 trophy difference between them in their Brawler scores
Player is matched against an enemy team whose average Brawler trophies is 200+ trophies higher than the player’s team
Underdog bonus is not available when using Play Again
Event Rotation Changes

New and some returning maps have been added and the worst performing maps have been removed
Tickets have been removed from Brawl Boxes and the shop. In the next update, tickets will be removed completely. Use them while you can!
Increased the number of free tickets given in Robo Rumble and Big Game from 2 to 5

Download Nulls Brawl with Jackie + Sprout, new skins and gadgets

Download Nulls Brawl 26.170

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