Download Null’s Brawl v.19.111 with Tick

Download Null’s Brawl v.19.111

Null’s Brawl, the most stable and best server in the world, has been updated to the latest version 19.111. All links updated.

New fighter Tick on server Null’s Brawl 19.111

With the release of the new version of Brawl Stars, they added a new fighter – Tick. But fortunately, this fighter is not as rare as the legendary ones. You can get it if you collect only 4000 trophies. But if you still have not reached this figure, you can play them on our server already at the maximum level.

null 19.111

New skins are already available for all fighters, you only need to select them. Also, we have not forgotten about the modified skins that were previously added for some fighters.

List of changes in Null’s Brawl 19.111:

  1. Upgrading Null’s Brawl server version to 19.111
  2. Added new skins for fighters (available to all)
  3. Added new maps for game modes
  4. Updated store design
  5. Added new fighter – Tick
  6. Improved online battles, increased stability
  7. Added new stellar forces (everything is already available, unlike the usual Brawl Stars)
  8. Minor improvements

Null’s Brawl 19.111 with new brawler Tick!

Download Nulls Brawl

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