Download Null’s Brawl 25.107 with the new brawler Mr. P and new skins

Download Null’s Brawl 25.107 with the new fighter Mr. P and new skins

Null’s Brawl 25.107

This time the Null’s Brawl update was so fast that many did not get bored. Meet the first private server with Mr. P and cool new skins.

This update will give you the opportunity not only to play with a new fighter, but also to evaluate the new appearance on the fighters. For example, I really liked the skin for 8-Bit, for Brawl Stars this is an unusual and rather non-standard case.

Why exactly skins? That’s because a large number of players discovered a new fighter on the first day. In this regard, many gained game experience and did not even try to find it on the servers.

I recommend not to think for a long time and go to the store, where you can open a box that unlocks all the fighters. After that, go to the club chat and enter the command “/ full”, with it you will get the maximum level for all fighters. In this case, in the window of any fighter will be available all kinds of skins.

The new brawler Mr. P

After unlocking all the fighters, we naturally choose Mr. P. In the first release, many thought it would be a boring and uninteresting fighter, but it turned out the other way around. Mr. P has a very interesting attack method, for example, his projectile can jump over obstacles and the general attack radius much further than other fighters.

Also unforgettable about his super-ability, namely his ability to land a generator of robotic rapists. After getting acquainted with the new fighter, I recommend using it and you can do this in online battles.

Surprisingly, if you go into online battles, then you will not see the slowdowns and the Wi-Fi icon. For several games, I got the impression that the server developers improved this moment, and now we can play with a minimum of lags.

Also, you can not go into online battles with a regular-pumped fighter, since this will not be appropriate here. After all, a large number of skins are available for you, including new ones. For example, pay attention to Viral 8-Bit, a very cool skin.

Choose a specific fighter, use the skin, activate stellar powers and go. And do not be afraid to fill trophies, as they are saved from update to update. The progress of the game can be saved.

Changes in Null’s Brawl 25.107:

A new gaming environment has been added – The slot machine hall;

Added new skins:

  • Viral 8-Bit
  • Koala nita
  • Ninja Tara
  • Romantic Piper

Added a new game mode – Hot zone;
Added a new fighter – Mr. P.
Updated the path to glory;
Saved the old modes that were removed from the official game (Interception, Lone Star and Single Player);

Download Null’s Brawl with new brawler Mr. P!


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