Download Brawl Stars v.25.96 – the new fighter Mr. P. + new skins

Download Brawl Stars v.25.96 - the new fighter Mr. P. + new skins and much more

Google Play and the App Store have released a new version of Brawl Stars with many innovations. Added surroundings in honor of the lunar New Year, a new fighter skins and much more.

Developers are as attentive to various holidays as possible. This time, the lunar new year and in honor of it, we get a lot of new content. Also, if you go to the store you will receive free chests, from which a new fighter can fall out to you.

The main novelty in Brawl Stars 25.96 is a new fighter – Mr. P. This is a cool new character who has mythical rarity. Therefore, it will not be so easy to knock it out of the boxes, but at the moment it is available in just 350 crystals. If you have so many gems, I would recommend spending on it. Also, do not forget to open free boxes from the store, it was from there that Beah fell to me.

The list of changes in Brawl Stars 25.96:
Happy Lunar New Year!

New gaming environment: slot machine room;
New skins for Tara, 8-BIT and Bibi;
Temporary game mode: hot zone.

Mid-range attack and angry penguins porters!

Additional skins;
Improved path to fame;
General improvements;
…and much more!
I will do a detailed review of the update in a separate post. At the moment, I suggest you download the original installation file. You can use it for different purposes, unzip it and see what’s inside, namely, get the source files. You can also simply upgrade to a previous version of Brawl Stars if you have problems updating through Google Play.

Download Brawl Stars 25.96


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