DOWNLOAD Brawl Stars 33.151 Season 5 – New brawler Colonel Ruffs and Skins

Watch the Brawl Talk below and then see our summary detailing some points of this new update coming soon!

New Brawler Colonel Ruffs

Colonel Ruffs is now being announced as the new brawler, but he appeared in the game a few months ago, in the 8-BIT mini game , in one of the game’s phases. Apparently it was a draft of the pre-alpha version of the game.

But now talking about what was revealed during the Brawl Talk, this brawler is the colonel of the Starr Force Ship. He is very strategic and of chromatic rarity and looks like a dog.

Attack: It fires a double laser shot. These laser beams can bounce off the walls, just like the rich brawler, but a little different, since the laser is double and can create interesting situations.
Super: And since Colonel Ruffs is a support brawler, he can call in air reinforcements with his super. When using, he throws a signal box at the desired location, which indicates the reinforcement where he must hit with a missile, which causes damage to enemies and leaves an accelerator for his allies to use.

Brawl Talk

Watch the Brawl Talk below and then see our summary detailing some points of this new update coming soon!

New skins:

– Dark Lord Spike
– Navigator Collet
– Space OX Bull
– D4R-RY1 (Derryl)
– Ronin Ruffus
– Dark Pirate Karl
– Tuxedo Lou

New second gadgets: Frank, Jin, Poco, Nani, Rose, Tara, and Tick

Frank: quick attack, no swing attack;
Jin: shoots projectiles at opponents;
Poco: creates a zone around itself that heals;
Mr. Pi: increases the attack range (? Will spawn 1 robot penguin at the end of the attack);
Nani: teleports to a random place, within a certain radius;
Rose: all bushes on the map do 100 damage;
Tara: creates 3 shadows of 1000 hp;
Tick: creates a protective barrier, when approaching an enemy, deals 1000 damage and pushes the enemy back.

New Emojis for Lunar New Year!

New animated Pins for:

– Piper
– Pam
– Spike
– Bibi
– Nita
– Jesse
New Esports Tab!

Balance changes:

– Jesse: increased damage from 1288 → 1568 (+ 21.7%)
– Bibi: increased health from 5320 → 5880 (+ 10.5%)
– Amber: increased health from 4200 → 4480 (+ 5.3%)
Jin increased damage from 1400 → 1512 (+ 8%)


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