Connection error on LWARB server – how to solve?

Connection error on LWARB server - how to solve?

One of the most common errors that can occur on our server is “Connection Error”. We will show you the solution to this problem, remember and play on.

Our server is still under development, but we have already shared it with you. Because of this, we periodically refine certain functions. Sometimes we need to release a new version of the client, and sometimes the problem occurs on the main server.

Therefore, to avoid mistakes at the moment is almost impossible. But in any case, we solve them and problems with connecting to our LWARB server becomes smaller.

Connection error LWARB

As we have already written, this is a common mistake and it does not occur often. But we cannot bypass it and not tell how to solve it. After reading the main message, you might think that you have a bad internet connection.

Indeed, the error may occur due to the poor quality of the Internet. The first thing we will advise you to do is to check whether your internet connection is active. Perhaps you have a bad connection with a Wi-Fi router or simply the mobile network operator is naughty.

If the internet connection is good, then the problem is on our side. Perhaps we have released a new version of the client and it needs to be updated. You can do this by downloading a fresh installation client, upgrade to the new version and try again. In 99% of cases, this problem is solved by checking the Internet. But also do not exclude server updates.

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