Clash Royale optional Update Available! 2.8.6 for Android

Clash Royale optional Update Available!

Update Your Game!

We’ve released an Optional Update that contains a list of fixes that will resolve a lot of issues and improve game performance on various devices.

The Optional Update can be found in your relevant app store – please make sure to update to enjoy the best possible experience with Clash Royale!

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a number of Android device crashes
  • Shop no longer crashes or freezes when tapped
  • Fixed the issue where the game would crash at 100% loading after playing audio
  • Watching a replay from before the update doesn’t cause the game to crash
  • Crown Chest unlock timer displays correctly on the home screen
  • Chest queue notification now delivered correctly
  • Fixed a black line appearing under a player’s name in the Clan chat messages
  • All app stores Terms of Service now display correctly
  • Pass Royale name color is now displayed correctly everywhere
  • Pass Royale Tower Skin is now displayed correctly in all game modes
  • Crowns can no longer be earned through Private Tournaments

Download Clash Royale 2.8.6

Download Clash Royale

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