Brawlpass coming to Brawl Stars, it’s OFFICIAL!

Brawlpass coming to Brawl Stars, it's OFFICIAL!

Brawlpass coming to Brawl Stars, it’s OFFICIAL!

Guys the Brawlpass has finally been made official by Supercell and will be available starting from the next update that will arrive in May !

What is the Brawl Stars Brawlpass?

The bad news is that the Brawlpass will have a cost, like every season pass present on every game, the good news is that the Brawlpass of Brawl Stars will contain exclusive items (I deduce skins and maybe even emotes) and various rewards. But what is a Brawlpass?

The Brawlpass, almost certainly, is a premium mode of the path of the trophies (which will be completely revised) and will give the possibility to unlock incredible contents while playing Brawl Stars. It will certainly be announced shortly on Saturday’s Brawl Talk, which we will watch together on Twitch, and it will surely be spoiled by the various leaks sites on Brawl Stars.

When will the Brawl Talk be in May? Let’s find out together …

We answer all those who still ask themselves: when will the May Brawl Talk be? What should we expect in the next update?

Official date of the May Brawl Talk

Everyone is waiting for the May Brawl Talk, after a talk abstinence lasting almost 2 months, and finally we can say that the date of the next Brawl Talk has been made official for a few days.

The Brawl Talk will be broadcast live on May 9, 2020 and I suppose at 10:00 am, like other past brawl talks.

What to expect from the new Brawl Stars update

There is a lot of talk about a new game mode, new avatar for the bombardino , new remodeling for PAM and new skin, surely new skins will arrive and almost 90% a new brawler. With the new update of Brawl Stars it seems that a nerf for Corvo is also coming, therefore horrible news for all Corvo fans.

One of the most popular hypotheses on Youtube is that of Club Wars on Brawl Stars, someone has recreated a screen similar to a hypothetical club war, but I honestly think it is not something that will arrive in May. Honestly I have not seen so many game twists on Brawl Stars, usually we see a new mode every 4-5 months and some new brawler.

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