Brawl Stars update v.24.142 – with new fighters Max and Bea

Brawl Stars update v.24.142 - with new fighters Max and Bea and much more

Developers have updated Brawl Stars to version 24.142! Finally, we had the opportunity to get 2 new fighters, skins and much more. Meet the pirate update!

Earlier, I wrote to you in detail what exactly will appear new in Brawl Stars. New skins, a new game mode, changing the location of buttons and this is not the most important thing. That’s because, in the game there were 2 new fighters! And now who has opened another piggy bank for fighters. For example, I have left to open 2 legendary characters, Spike and Sandy. And so you understand, almost every day I go into the game and get resources for two years. My only hope for the legendary broilers remained, only buying them for gems.

Brawl Stars 24.142

The update this time will be pirated, with hidden meanings of the New Year mood. After all, it was the pirates who captured the New Year holidays, most likely a veiled reference to the Grinch movie or something like that. Also, the official update poster shows us what the boot screen will look like. Earlier, I already showed it to you on social networks and on the site.

The list of changes in Brawl Stars 24.142:

New gaming environment: Darryl’s ship;
New skins for Poco, Karl and Colt;
Temporary game mode: gift theft.
NEW Fighters!

Bea, the new epic ranged fighter (can be found in the box);
Max, the new mythical support fighter (coming soon).


A new test of the championship (will appear in January 2020);
Queue of teams and quick chat;
A bunch of new cards;
…and much more!

Download Brawl Stars 24.142

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