Balance change in Brawl Stars

Balance change in Brawl Stars (05/21/19)

With the update in Brawl Stars, the balance will also change. The developers are still trying to weaken Rosa, will it work this time?

Regular cuts in the characteristics of the Rose, this is a clear dominant in the game. This fighter has already undergone changes before and not for the better. This time the news for fans of Rosa is also not joyful.

In the very first release of the new browser, it was clear that this girl was not easy. Many predicted her great popularity, because of its powerful characteristics. What eventually happened, but what is strange? Everyone saw the benefits of Rosa, but not the developers. It took them a whole month to figure out which mega fighter they created.

Changes in balance May 21, 2019:

The Rose

  • Reduced the duration of the Super from 4 to 3.0 seconds
  • Reduced stellar power healing from 300 to 200 hp per second
  • For the accumulation of the Super will require 10 strokes (previously 9)
  • The effect of the blow is now better drawn and clearly visible


Returned the opportunity to stun IK in the Siege game mode


  • Added the ability to target in advance when using Super attack
  • The main attack now recharges less time (if the pickaxe is reflected from the wall, you can attack faster)

As you may have noticed, the main changes have touched Rose. It also has its super power indicators, but with reduced super and stellar power. The whole problem was just the same in the Super, which could be used without interruption. Now, for the accumulation of this ability, you will need more power.

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